Credit Global is a merchant bank specializing in sovereign finance and risk transfer.

We conceive ideas and connect people and capital to help our client governments solve problems and create opportunities.

Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory team functions as much as a think tank as merchant bankers. The financial and risk transfer needs of any sized government entity do not exist in a vacuum. Strategic and economic goals exist within the context of a cultural heritage. Our planning and advice services consider all aspects to bring together a comprehensive strategy that finds the best pathway forward.

The result for our clients: world-class advice with a laser focus on specific needs and beliefs. In the end, we almost always find a pathway forward for our clients.


Underwriting of course involves conducting research and assessing the degree of risk according to standard customs. But to be a truly great underwriter is to have a deep understanding of risk as well as possessing deep intellectual and theoretical competencies – both way above the industry’s accepted lowest common denominator processes. Creating a fair and stable market for financial transactions is the chief function of any underwriter, for every debt instrument, for every insurance and reinsurance placement. However, possessing real intellectual capabilities allows Credit Global the confidence to break from the herd, and lead investors and risk underwriters in new profitable directions away from whatever idea-of-the-day other investors happen to be following.

Fund Raising Services

Given the complexity of gaining governmental approvals and consensus, for any proposed transaction, certainty of execution and certainty of knowing the range of terms are essential.

Credit Global will intermediate your transaction working seamlessly and globally to find funding alternatives to get your deal executed effortlessly. We have an established network of relationships with investors and broker-dealers around the world so that any ideas we bring will be essentially pre-placed. We have the experience and knowledge to only set targets and bring proposals that work from both the sovereign’s and investor’s point of view.

Government Scale Risk Services

While most of our competitors can efficiently create singular risk transfer contracts, Credit Global stands alone in its ability to create long-term risk transfer mechanisms including those within new or existing public facing government programs. We have decades of experience in risk transfer programs and know what works and why, including policy pitfalls that cause programs to fail often creating political difficulties.

Credit Global can help formulate a program that will last and work financially for all involved.